Project Management / Engineering  Services

As the industrial operating environment become more complex, an innovative project management approach tied to best engineering practices becomes necessary to see a project through to completion.  Revolution Industrial has become a leader in managing project and engineering services for construction, manufacturing, municipalities, mining and other types of industry. From a lean construction approach; Ri’s team is standing by to facilitate all project aspects including engineering review and research in best practice, cost and schedule forecasting, planning and project execution.

• Large of Small Project Management
• Structural Design
• Additions and retrofits
• Structural Evaluation
• Restoration and Renovation
• Structural Analysis
• Emergency Response
• Material Application Analysis
• Specialized Coating Applications


Mine Maintenance Contract for Capstone Pinto Valley. Provide (18) person mechanical maintenance crew for general mine maintenance work. Maintenance included general conveyor repairs, cone crusher repairs, gyratory crusher repairs, grinding¬¬ mill maintenance and other work order executions.