Revolution Industrial has an excellent staff of experienced engineers, project managers, superintendents, millwrights, pipe welders/fitters, riggers and welders of all types - ready to go to work: 

Welding services: SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and FCAW

• National Board Certified for welding on pressure vessels (R-Stamp)
• Large plant process equipment installations
• Overland conveyor systems
• Large or highly technical rigging jobs including complete plant relocations
• Piping Systems (carbon, stainless, alloy, HPVC, PVC)
• Hot Oil Systems
• ASME Engineering and calculations
• Alignments, Vibration Analysis and Fan Balancing Services
• Silo and elevator installation and repair
• Dust collection and ducting installation and repairs
• Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabs (Coating and Steel)

Inspection, Testing and Certification
• Concrete Containment Coating Systems
• Complete AWWA and API Tank Rehabs
• Tank, silo and hopper fabrications
• Structural steel installation of support structures, platforms, stairs etc.
• Plant maintenance and support
• Project management
• Industrial coatings (Shop and Field)
• Fire-Eye and Honeywell control troubleshooting
• Low water cut-offs rebuild and replacements
• Complete welding and cutout on leaking pressure vessels (R-Stamp)
• Stack replacements including removal and repairs
• Engineering and alterations
• Natural gas, steam and water piping
• De-aerators and feed water systems and tanks
• Boiler cleaning and refractory repair and replacement services